Want a summer job? Join us!

Are you looking for a summer job? We’d like to hear from you. Join the Maria & Pepe team and get to know your new Mexican Dutch family. 

Kitchen / Bar / Restaurant

Kitchen – Cook (Service Hours)

As kitchen staff at Maria & Pepe, you are responsible for creating the tasty and colorful dishes that bring our project to life. From tacos, to mole, to tamales, you will contribute by preparing, cooking, or decorating our dishes.
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Kitchen – Mise en Place

As kitchen staff for mise-en-place at Maria & Pepe, you are responsible for preparing the kitchen and ingredients for setting the stage for a smooth workflow in the kitchen, and for creating our delicious dishes.
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As a waiter/waitress of Maria & Pepe, you are responsible for making the experience of our guests warm, welcoming, and memorable, and ensuring an effective, smooth workflow.
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As a runner of Maria & Pepe – your main task being to bring food and drinks to our guests’ tables as the kitchen/bar bells go ding!, and to take care of other checklist tasks all which will elevate our guest’s experience.
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As a bartender at Maria & Pepe, you are responsible for creating beautiful and tasty drinks for our guests. Our mocktails, cocktails and soft drinks are inspired from the colors and life in Mexico; using wonderful combinations of liquor, beer, fruit juice and even hot sauce to make our visions for the perfect summer on the terrace come to life.
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How To Apply

If you can see yourself in one of these roles, please read the detailed job descriptions via the links under the job titles, and send an email to mariapepe.resto@gmail.com that includes:

  • Position you are applying for
  • Your work experience
  • Your availability from July 11 – August 31.

Please also continue reading the information below.

What we need from you

  • Commitment to the plant-based kitchen
  • A ‘Student mindset’. This means you are willing to learn and listen to constructive feedback, independent of experience and age. The concept of the ‘Student Mindset’ evolved from Martial Arts, which helps us to become a better person up till the end of our lives. There is no end in learning
  • You are willing to practice non-violent and kind communication with the team (and our guests, of course). This is important to not only maintain a good flow of service, but to build and create a positive and uplifting work environment for everyone. Whenever there is feedback to give or take, ask or provide help/support, or need space for emotions, everyone is part of creating a safe space for this
  • Minimum commitment of 5 shifts over the whole opening period (July 11 – August 31)
  • Joining the Welcome and training day on 9th of July
  • Helping out with building up and building down (voluntarily, not obligated)
  • Dutch or English speaking (or both). Spanish is a plus.

What do we offer?

  • Salary is a fair share in the revenues. We estimate between €50 (minimum) – 130 (maximum) per shift depending on experience
  • Payments are done with freelance construction or ‘kwitantie’ (if you are not a freelancer)
  • We pay per shift which includes approximately 7 hours of work
  • You have insight on the actual financial situation of Maria & Pepe
  • Tips are extra and divided at the end of the project based on number shifts
  • We update you every day on how we are doing
  • We practice NVC (non-violent communications) and will make sure the workspace is safe and friendly
  • Good food and drinks are provided. We enjoy eating together after the work is done.


Maria & Pepe is not just any restaurant, but has a special seasoning that shows that entrepreneurship is possible based on mutual trust. Transparency and participation are essential. We do this by:

  • We believe that people are naturally disposed to care, and need to have meaningful power in order to sustain that care (from the book Citizens by Jon Alexander, Food Citizenship)
  • We see people as citizens: good beings and willing to participate and take responsibility
  • As citizens, we care about the wellbeing of all life on this planet
  • We practice practice non-violent and kind communication with the team (and our guests, of course). This is important to not only maintain a good flow of service, but to build and create a positive and uplifting work environment for everyone
  • Whoever joins the team shares in the revenues! Everyone in the team shares depending on experience and number of shifts worked. This way everyone participates equally and act on responsibility and solidarity
  • There is transparency about income and expenditure. The team is always informed about the financial outlook
  • A crowdfunding campaign will start at the beginning of May to raise the necessary starting capital. New and old fans can then help out Maria & Pepe take off to a good start
  • This year, we want to welcome at least 50 Rotterdammers for whom eating out is not a given. That is also partly what crowdfunding is intended to cover
  • The profit (if realized) will be donated to a project in Mexico and the Netherlands.

People who lead the project

From left to right: Pepe, Maria, Ana Clau, Lorena. 

These people are in the lead of the Maria & Pepe project. You will be instructed and guided by one of them depending on your position. They are friendly, and will help you with anything needed. They understand we are all humans and have our ‘bad’ and ‘good’ days.