Pop-up Mexican Restaurant & Bar

Open 19 jul – 20 aug, wed-sun, 16:00 till late

Mexico is coming to Rotterdam for 25 days with a Pop-up Restaurant & Bar. Spotlighted by the sun on a terrace by the Maas, this adventure – in all its colors – is one you’ll want to be a part of.

A plant-based menu inspired by Mexico’s rich history and culture will tickle your senses, evenings of dance, song and delightful conversations will reach deep into your heart.
“Maria & Pepe” is a product of love for the planet and all beings that live on it.

We believe in food as a universal language that allows us to unite, let our guards down and relish our time together.

100% of the profits will be donated to Heroes Campesinos, a Mexican organization that shares the stories of local Mexican farmers and artisans to raise awareness of the social, economic and environmental injustice they face, and find support.

Join us for a taste of Mexican zest! We’ll be waiting with a cold cerveza on one hand, and tacos on the other.

Ahi nos vemos,
Maria & Pepe

19 jul – 20 aug
16:00 till late

Oase Rotterdam
Schiehaven 15a

plantbased, organic, most dishes are gluten and nut free

OASE Rotterdam
Schiehaven 15a
3024 EC Rotterdam

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Maria & Pepe is an initiative by Maria Indjeian Diaz and Joost van Beek.

100% profit donated to